Viewing Reports

The first three tutorials are all you need to look at to get started with Stacks. For this tutorial we’re going to look at the reporting options available within the program to help monitor your spending.  To that end, I’ve entered a set of example transactions to our example so that the reports are filled out a bit.

The first report is Spending by Category, in our example it looks like this:

Clicking on different wedges in the pie chart breaks out the spending for that category in the stacked bar chart to the right. There are filters at the top to select/deselect certain accounts, payees, and the line items and categories themselves. The date filter by default is selecting transactions from the current month but you can change that to any date range.

The second report is Spending Trends. This shows how your spending changes on a monthly basis. Our example only has a single month of transactions so far so it’s pretty uninteresting. Until you’ve used Stacks for a few months this report won’t be very useful but afterwards it’s helpful to see where your spending is creeping up or where you’re successfully reining it in. Initially it’ll look something like this after your first month:

By default the date range is looking back over the last 6 months. This is fully configurable and so are the accounts, payees and categories just as in the Spending by Category report.

The final report is your networth. This is basically a scorecard that tells how well your financials are going. There are more important things in life but it’s good to keep and eye on this to make sure it’s going up over time. In our example you can see that during the month of January we crossed over into positive networth territory.

You’ve now had a look at all the different tabs in Stacks. The next tutorial will guide you through linking your Dropbox account to Stacks so that you’re ready to start using the mobile app for entering transactions.  I promise I’ll make more progress on the mobile app once I’m done creating this website!