Welcome to Stacks Beta

Stacks is a free personal finance tool designed to answer the question: “What do I do with my money?”.  It borrows pretty liberally from advice given in the Reddit Personal Finance forums.  Specifically, Stacks makes this flowchart simple to follow:

(all credit to /u/atlasvoid and /u/beached89)

It accomplishes this by condensing the process down to a few easy steps and tracks your progress through those steps.  With Stacks you’ll always know where to budget your money.

At its core, Stacks is a Zero-based budgeting system – basically a series of virtual money envelopes.  As income is recorded it’s made available to budget for the current month or the next and can be placed into the various envelopes (line items in your budget).  As you spend money the transactions are recorded against budget line items and money is taken out of the envelopes.  If you’re familiar with other similar budgeting tools such as YNAB then Stacks should be pretty easy to pickup and use.  There’s even a feature to import your YNAB Classic budget into Stacks.